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12th-Aug-2008 10:17 pm - The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants 2

The girls have really grown up. Unfortunately that sometimes means growing apart. In this chapter we find the girls coming back together from a year at school only to see them leave again for their individual adventures during the summer.'

Not having read the books I couldn't be disappointed when certain aspects were left out, but there were times that it crossed my mind that there must be more detail in the three books that time simply wouldn't allow for the screen.

I laughed and I cried. Both for the good and the bad. These girls are such real people that you can't help but have one of them in your life already, and they all have their moments for the good and bad.

While the character of Tibby gets a little bit crazy, Amber Tamblyn does a good job of making her real so you're frustrated with the character rather than the writer.

Alexis Bledel does a wonderful job of being determined to get over her first love gone wrong, only to have him pop right up again. While Lena isn't a far cry from Rory Gilmore, she goes deeper here than hour episodes generally allow.

Blake Lively does a great job dealing with Bridget's issues, which are far less typical for the age group which is refreshing in a movie that would normally see her love from the original pop up for either a rekindling or a final goodbye.

And then we have Carmen. Lovely, wonderful America Fererra. Seeing her in a character who is not Betty Suarez allows you to see just how wonderful a job she does with that show. About this movie though; Hers is probably the most realistic story line. She's caught between growing up and staying with the familiar. The way she finds to deal with it is something we can all can understand and might have actually done.

The movie is delightful, and remembers that its core audience has grown up a bit since the first was released. The bottom line is if you have any desire to see it, I would say go for it!
7th-Aug-2008 12:12 pm - Hello!
grr argh
Just saying, "Hi!" I guess this is my equivalent of the entry to avoid having a blank page, except that we no longer have a blank page. I just wanted to make my presence known while I had time to do just that. Hopefully tonight I will get a chance to write about a movie or two I've seen recently.
7th-Aug-2008 09:12 am - See ya later, blank page!
community: annie and troy
Hello and welcome! I feel a little guilty right now as I just did this whole community thing without consulting Kati on the name, the layout, or, you know, ANYTHING. I'm running under the assumption that it can be changed at any given time, and I'm bored enough at work that I needed a project.

Eventually the idea here is to have movie reviews, which is not that creative, but since they're coming from us and not middle-aged guys hopefully the perspective will be different. I think we'd also like to post music, TV and book reviews if the need strikes us, possibly even product reviews, although that might be getting a little crazy.

I feel silly writing this because I can't imagine anyone will read it at this point since this community has no members, but I couldn't stand to have a blank page.
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