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Ravishing Reviews
Slumdog Millionaire 
14th-Dec-2008 05:54 pm

Now, I'm not going to lie, if Danny Boyle makes a movie, I am going to see it. And when I first heard that he had something new coming out, I was preemptively excited. So this review, which is swimming in praise, shouldn't be any surprise. BUT! I think I need to tell you a bit more before I start insisting you go see this RIGHT NOW.

This weekend, I saw a different movie. It is called Let The Right One In. And it is phenomenal. It is dark, and cold, and shockingly beautiful. It was flawless. I have seen A LOT of great movies, and this is easily in my top 5 now. So, even though I was very excited to see Slumdog Millionaire the next night, I was a little worried. Would Mr. Boyle become pale in comparison to such a breath taking movie? Would this seem less perfect in the wake of the night before? My impatience won over on my worries and I went anyway, keeping my fingers crossed...

Slumdog didn't let me down! It is beautifully shot, immediately capturing, and so much fun I wanted to hop up and down. You can do nothing but root for Jamal, the main character, as he charges thru memory and mind to find the answers for the quiz show! You are right there with him. Drudging up the good, and wading through the bad to find that one moment where you learned who the singer of that song was. It is romantic without being forced, it is funny without even trying, and it is absolutely a MUST SEE.

Danny Boyle shows his versatility with every new movie he makes. From drugs and crime, to kids and saints, he runs the gambit. This movie has his touch all over it, but it is still nothing we have seen before. You watch Mumbai grow along with our protagonist, and feel like you just might be running along side him on his adventures. It is a good time via film and well worth the trip to the theater!
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