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CTU: Provo 
14th-Dec-2008 01:23 pm

CTU: Provo

I finally have a review of something that you probably haven't had even an opportunity to see before!

And even better, I'm totally telling you to see it!

I've had this open on my desktop for a couple weeks now because I wasn't happy with how it was written, but now I just want you all to see it, so here's what I've got!

If you are a fan of 24, you should enjoy this movie. I'm afraid that my textual review will not really be able to convey the joy that I felt while watching this low budget, highly awesome movie.

It's clear from this film that Alan Seawright, who wrote edited and directed it, is a fan of 24 who understands much of the absurdity of the show. Charan Prahakar is definitely my favorite character for the simple fact that most of his lines crack me up and his delivery is perfect.

While there are little things that I would have loved to be even more accurate to the series, I understand that it's more fitting for a feature length to not be 100% in real time. Also, I'm way too picky about things like that. They didn't take away from my enjoyment in any way. I didn't even really notice them until after the movie was done.

So go, download the movie for free from CTUProvo.com and let me know what you think!
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