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Ravishing Reviews
Burn After Reading 
16th-Sep-2008 12:21 am

If you, like me, saw the preview for this newest Coen Brother's movie, and danced like a freak in your movie seat, than you might be a little let down with Burn After Reading. From the trailor, you think this will be a fun filled romp like Oh Brother Where Art Thou, and it just doesn't happen. That isn't to say it isn't a good movie. And it CERTAINLY is a Coen Brother's movie, with all the blood that may entail. The story itself is a great starting point, but the rushed ending doesn't leave you with that happy Coen experience. And, to be blunt, there are few funny scenes, save those already featured in the trailor.

As a follow up to No Country For Old Men, there are large movie boots to fill, and while this movie was well written, smart, and filled with fantastic acting (seriously. Tilda Swinton. amazing.), it's little feet just couldn't do it.

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